Wine obtained with 100% Vermentino grapes from Masignano (Arcola), one of the most famous areas for viticolture in our region, After pressing its golden and perfectly wealthy grapes. Fermentation takes place over a period of approximately six months, after which the cuvèe so obtained is ready for bottling and put on the market, in late Summer. As far as we are concerned, this wine represents the best marriage between tradition and innovation, with absolutely nothing spared to quality. Light straw-yellow. Intensely aromatic and charateristic with a slight touch of almond and vanilla. Great with all grilled fish, shell fish white meat.


Classification: Colli di Luni Vermentino

DOC Grapes: Pure Vermentino

Color & Bouquet: Light straw-yellow. Intensely aromatic and characteristic with a slight touch of almond and vanilla.

Meal Suggestions: Great with all grilled fish, shell fish and white meat

ALC/Vol: Alcol 13 % vol.

Name: Vigna del Prefetto

First year of production: 1992

Production area: Masignano di Arcola

Exposure vineyard: North

Altimetry: 150 Meters above sea level

Density of the system: 5000 plants / ha

Harvest period: Mid September

Aging Material: Steel

Period of bottling: May

Service Temperature: 10-12°

Classification: Vermentino Colli di Luni Doc

Average number of bottles: 10.000

Grapes: Vermentino 95% - Rossese di Arcola

Yeld per hectare: 6 t/ha

Pruning system: Cordone speronato

Age of the vineyard: 20 years

Material fermentation tanks: Acciaio a temperatura controllata

Vinification: 12 hours of skin contact under dry ice, softpress, first clarify and put in fermentationonly the clear "mosto fiore" with selectedyeasts. Long stay on lease

Aging capacity: Good

Package: 500ml - 750ml - 1500ml