It was the meeting of the ancient Romans with the Etruscans to turn on the passion for the wine. The Romans were shepherds and leathery warriors, austere and devoted  to work unlike the people of Great Greece and the Etruscans, more refined people where the grapevine it was of primary importance and not only source of pleasure. 

But well soon with the fall of the Tarquinis and the following conquest of the Etruscans Empire  and of Great Greece, the Romans got to know the wine and their proverbial laboriousness. The Romans were the first ones to plant wood poles to support the grapevines and the essays of Plinio Il Vecchio  and that of Columella, where it is taught to manage an agricultural firm of the time, they contain precious suggestions that are followed today still and that they are at the base of the manuals of enologia. 


At north west Lazio Region confines with Tuscany, at north with Umbria, at east with Le Marche, Abruzzo and hand hand that we go down, toward south, with Molise. To south the province of Frosinone slowly falls into Campania. Other important factor is the hill: the wine of the Lazio is mainly produced among the high ground with a 70% of the vineyards that it is found on passes. The climate is moderate, mitigated by the sea influence and the pedo-climatic variety, with mountains, lakes of volcanic origin and sea it helps to create ideal conditions to produce typical and well defined wines. Conditions are ideal and perfect!