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The Montalbera wine estate was founded at the beginning of the twentieth century in a territory straddling the municipalities of Grana, Castagnole Monferrato and Montemagno in the "old" Duchy of Monferrato, a land of great expectations and promise. Tracing the origins of the name is difficult, but, almost certainly it refers to the characteristic wooded landscape and gentle hills surrounding the estate. Around the mid-nineteen-eighties, the Morando family, owners of the wine estate, adopted a policy of expansion which is not yet complete, with the acquisition of adjacent land and the planting of new vineyards, predominantly of Ruché. At present, Montalbera ranks amongst the most technologically advanced wineries in the world, and it interprets with great wisdom the "fruit" which the earth offers up, in full respect of local traditions going back a thousand years.

The result of the winery's growth allows us to state without exaggeration that roughly 55% of the Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato and roughly 12% of the Grignolino d'Asti "produced in the world" "springs forth" from the Montalbera di Castagnole Monferrato wine cellars. 

Today the Vigneti e Cantine Enrico Morando winery consists of two different vineyards: the first in Castagnole Monferrato (Monferrato) of 130 hectares in a single lot, recognised for its production of the "Red Prince of Monferrato" the indigenous Ruché; the second in Castiglione Tinella (Langhe), at the San Carlo estate, the birthplace of the head of the family, Mr. Enrico Riccardo, of 15 hectares in a single lot under Moscato d'Asti. 

The winery is something of a rare phenomenon of the Piedmontese scene, straddling, as it does, Monferrato and the Langhe.