Although less known of those of other regions, the wines of the Liguria are characterized not so much for the quantity of the product as for the ancient enological traditions of the territory, developed in recent times by a quality recognized at a national and international level.

From the classical antiquity to today, we need to refer to the history and the documents in order to develop some brief etymological consideration as those that follow: only the research of the ancient testimonies allows in fact to go over the simple consideration of the name in its actual semantic value. For instance, “ormeasco” is a native vine variety of Ormea, or this last place was essentially a place of transit and marketing? 

It is not a question of little account, considering as often the equation between ethnic adjective and product derivation from a territory can produce misunderstandings: but here the linguist doesn't have elements of evaluation, and only a historical search on the role of the town in the trade market between the coast and the bordering areas could result illuminating.
An important role have the Pigato, Vermentino, Vernaccia, Rossese, Albarola, ect ect