Grape variety:   100% Chardonnay  

Production area:  Serralunga d'Alba 

Exposure:  EAST 

Age of the vines:  24 years 

Soil:  Chalky / clayey  

Harvest period:  October  

Yield per hectare:  70 quintals / hectare of grapes

Plants per hectare:   4,000 

Growing system:  GUYOT  

Vinification:  The grapes are harvested by hand and immediately taken to the winery, where they are delicately pressed to bring out only the noble component of the must. They are then left to ferment, partly in steel vats at a controlled temperature and partly in small barrels of French oak.  

Ageing:  The wine sits in These small barrels for about 4 months to develop the ITS structure and bring out the Its structure ITS and bring out the aromatic complexity.   

Sensory traits:  This wine Has a lovely straw-yellow color with golden hues and an intense heterogeneous aroma.  The floral fragrances suggest hawthorn and orange blossom, blending well with the fruity hints of ripe apple with a touch of banana and pineapple.  

Food and wine combinations:  With its fresh taste, it goes well with cold starters, seafood and fish dishes. 

Serving temperature:  Serve at a temperature of 10-11 ° C. 

Storage:  Keep the bottle horizontal in a cool and ventilated room, protected from direct light and vibrations.