The word CAULIO derives from the ancient Latin language, meaning the branch of the vine. The grapes Sangiovese (90%), black Malvasia (5%) and Syrah (5%) are the grapes we use to obtain it. Maturation occurs in old casks of French oak, for the purpose of keeping the tannin at the right levels. The wine is then kept in bottles for 6 months before entering the market. The central region of Tuscany was cultivated with vineyards by the Etruscans in ancient times. They gave the area the name “ Clante” and from this Etruscan word we have come to the modern word “ Chianti” which is the name of one of the most important wine regions in Italy. The hills surrounding the city of Siena represents one of the best areas for the pristine environment and for the high average quality of the products. One of these hills is known as San Gimignano.


Name: Caulio

First year of production: 1989

Production area: San Gimignano (SI), Italia

Exposure vineyard: South

Altimetry: 330 meters above sea level

Density of the system: 4000 plants / hectare

Harvest period: In mid-October

Aging Material: Barriques and Tonneaux

Period of bottling: March

Service Temperature: 18-20°

Classification: Chianti Colli Senesi Docg

Average number of bottles: 10.000

Grapes: Sangiovese 90%, Syrah e Malvasia nera 10%

Yeld per hectare: 7 t/ha

Pruning system: Cordone speronato

Age of the vineyard: 30 years

Material fermentation tanks: Temperature controlled steel

Vinification: fermentation with indigenous yeasts

Aging capacity: Very Good

Package: 750ml - 1500ml - 3000ml