I am convinced that our Family has the task of telling both, our origins and, all our history, revealing the past.

We have an important role, not only expressing our best potentialities through  wine selection, but illustrating the different landscapes where wine has been produced,  history, traditions, and especially, memory conservation and all testimonies of the preciousness that Our Family has left us inherits.

The Mazzella  Family in all our long history, through four generations, has managed directly this activity with innovative and sometimes brave choices but always maintaining unchanged the respect for traditions and for territory.

Nowadays, the Corporation is directed by the President Candida Mazzella, supported by  her daughter Giovanna and her sister Anna, all doing their best in the Business Activity. For the italian wine selection, tradition, passion and intuition have been the drawing power that has led the Mazzella’s to affirm their Leadership in their own activity.


Every year we receive new local cantina, great enologists that make the difference in the final quality of wines, and we are always year after year searching more margins of quality factors.

The Mazzella’s expresses their own passion for viticulture looking for light-growing- borders of improvement. They search for autochthonous- types of cultivations, altitude of the vineyards, methods of fermentation and temperatures and techniques of traditional and modern wine making, different typologies and dimensions of wood and of barrels age, and varying of refinement in bottle length.

In addition,  in our Corporation through continuous Meetings we search for new professional figures for the sale of different qualities of wines throughout the entire  State of Florida.

In Italy for the choice of Wines we have Our international selector Paul Wilson.